Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Life Flu

If I never have to relive today, I will be ok with that.  It was just too much for one little girl to handle in a 24 hour period.

I had to learn too much...about myself.
I had to feel too much...that I had been avoiding.
I had to swallow too much...pride and expectations.

As a result, I came down with a bad case of the Life Flu.

What's the Life Flu?  Well, you've heard of the other flus like the Bird Flu, and the Stomach Flu and of course...H1N1.  The Life Flu has very similar symptoms as these other strains of influenza with one exception...they are completely figurative.

There are headaches with the Life Flu, just like you get with traditional strains of influenza.  Except the headaches you get from the Life Flu don't come from congestion or viruses, they come from learning stuff about yourself. Stuff that can be mind blowing, mind boggling and possibly make your head "hurt" as the truth so often does. It can hurt so bad that you just might want to bury it in the sand... or in a Netflix binge.  Take your pick.  Same difference.

And then there's feeling stuff that you've been avoiding.  All that avoidance means there's a whole lot of build up.  Yep,  just because you've been avoiding them doesn't mean those feelings have gone away.  They're most likely heavy by now and your muscles are gonna feel pretty weak under all that weight.  This explains why people with the Life Flu often slump down against walls or in really acute cases, curl up in fetal position.

As far as that sore throat goes, the pain from swallowing your pride may make it hard to talk for a little while.  Same goes for those unmet expectations.  Go your mouth, but don't be surprised if a good cry comes out instead of words.

The result you get from combining all of these maladies at once guessed it: watery eyes.

We all get the Life Flu once in a while.  It's not you.  It happens to all of us and it's helpful to know that it's gonna come and it's gonna go.  You WILL get better.  It's just gonna suck for 24 hours or so and you may wanna take a time out.  Stay home from work.  Take it easy. Hopefully you have a good friend, who comes over and puts their hand on your cheek and kisses your forehead, just to make sure you don't have a fever and to let you know that you're not alone.

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