Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A bizarre and unexpected turn of events has rendered my little family out of work.  If you work in the video game industry, this is not unusual and we have endured it many times.  But like I said, this go 'round involves the bizarre and the unexpected; two elements that we are unaccustomed to and that are becoming rather bothersome. And can I just say that I HATE that we are in good company.  A toast to all of our out-of-work acquaintances.   May each of us soon find ourselves in someone else's company.  (Puns welcome, as any humor at this point most certainly is.)

We tried leaving the video game industry 8 years ago.  When I told my aunt that Mark had left the game industry, I either ran my words together or her hearing was failing her, because in a startled tone she replied "WHY WAS HE IN THE GAY MINISTRY?!"  

Well, no matter how you slice it; it's still a good question.

After leaving, we were happily self-employed for three years.  But then this old fetish that we have for steady, reliable paychecks and health benefits sort of came back and we fell off the wagon.  Mark interviewed for a job, almost out of curiousity, and was instantly seduced by the idea of being part of a creative team again and getting paid to work on a Snoopy title.   That little beagle is always stealing the show, isn't he?  But it sure was nice to be insured when the Red (or pink) Baron came knocking at our door a year later.

Now, from one day to the next,  I just hope that we have a door that can be knocked upon.

And... I am tired. And yes, after a year of one shoe dropping after the other....I am also a little scared.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doesn't Hurt to Ask

If I keep all the crumbs out of the butter....will someone please come buy my house?   How 'bout  if I always put my shopping cart in that corral thingy?   No?   Ah-kay, I was just checking.

(How about a job.  Can I get a job if I do all those things? No?  Ah-kay, just checking.  I'll just be sitting here then...seeing as I've tried everything else.)

Yep...still here.