Friday, December 23, 2016

Nothing is Gone

And so now it’s quiet
The rush has gone
It’s quiet
I look around
Hello me!
It’s just you now.
They’ve all lost interest
For some beautiful reason
Or another
A quiet phone
A silent app
A strong me
Thanking you for looking
For dancing; wanting and taking
And then leaving
Because now I know

That nothing is gone.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hot Yoga

Thoughts on my first hot yoga class…

I walked out of my first hot yoga class tonight with double the not-quitter points. How did I manage to rack up so many not-quitter points in one night, you may ask?  Probably because I wanted to quit like, twice as much as usual but I didn’t.    Not once, not twice, but SIX times I wanted to quit and leave the class but I stayed until the very, very end.  I didn’t quit!  Did I mention that?!  I didn’t quit six times. That’s the most not-quitting I have ever done. 

So then I’m driving home from the yoga class and I start to feel so happy because the next day is Friday.  Only it isn’t.  Because it is only Tuesday.  Apparently, I had done so much work in yoga class that my body and my brain both assumed that that was it.  “Ok, good show people.  We have obviously just completed a weeks’ worth of work.  So, let’s hit the weekend and make it a great one!” Silly brain.  

Also, it's important that you consider yourself to be somewhat mature before you attend a yoga class.  You do a lot of stretching.  Standing and stretching, sitting and stretching, twisting and stretching.  STANDING ON YOUR HEAD AND STRETCHING.  It just seemed like there were just so many hands in the air all the time, reaching...stretching.  It took a lot of maturity on my part to not constantly be giving high fives to everyone.  Just so you know, don’t do it, just leave them high fives hanging.  Booty slaps, same goes for booty slaps.  Don’t do it.    

And it’s expensive. If I want to keep this up and keep earning double the not-quitter points, I need to find a yoga class for poor people.  Which is the most ridiculous problem to have because, wasn’t yoga like invented by really poor people?  In India?