Thursday, March 28, 2013

The End of a Terrible Marriage (an analogy)

Got the papers today, the divorce is final.  The Jarmans relationship with the State of Illinois is officially over, we FINALLY sold our house!  Having never been divorced before,  I cannot authoritatively use this analogy, but I'm going to give it a try anyway.

Sure, the sex was good and we had our laughs, but now that it's all over and we've made our first AND LAST alimony payment ($23,000)* the regret has become a little difficult to ignore.  Hindsight is 20/20 and in some cases 3D.  The money lost is one thing, but living with consequences from decisions that we felt at the time were wrong, but that we went ahead with anyway...ouch.  Mega-ouch.

But on the other hand, could we imagine life without the "kids" (a.k.a. our new friends in Illinois) that are a direct result of this marriage-gone-wrong?  Doesn't that make it worth it?  Don't the good and in some cases, rather remarkable memories ameliorate some of the remorse?

Yes, actually...they do.  But here enters the least popular paradox known to human-kind; when an altogether awful occurrence has a somewhat splendid side-effect.   In such situations, time is your only friend.  Eventually, unless you are sick in the head, the bad will fade away and the good will continue to bless and even possibly, become the only reality you are aware of.

So today will....bite.  Tomorrow will hurt.  And it probably won't get better for a while.  But hang in there, it will get better.  (Thank you, Self....that's good advice, maybe today won't totally stink after all.)

* half of it taxes, the other half closing costs

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bug Guts and Big Buts

While driving today my windshield took out it's very first bug casualty of the year.  Splat.  A messy trade-off for finally having nice weather.

In other news...I got an email telling me that one of our biggest freelance clients (who still owes us $8k) sent all 600 of their employees home Tuesday and closed their doors forever.  Different dynamic, same effect...splat!

So as far as I can tell...I am out $8,000 and that really bites.  But...

I'm still better off than the bug.