Monday, August 13, 2012

Making My Day

"What is she doing?"  my 17 year old asked as she glanced over at our 12 year old working on the computer.  "Making my day," was my reply. 

Three days ago my 12 year old taught herself how to knit and has been knitting everywhere she goes ever since, so it only makes perfect sense that today she would wake up and decide to find a job too.
Her dad makes a living as an artist, so why can't she?  School schmool!  Let's go draw some pictures and start raking in the moolah!

So today I've been fielding questions like: Do I have a resume? What is our address?   Both questions being clear indicators that this child is definitely ready for the 9 to 5 grind and a five figure salary.  As soon as she polishes up her portfolio and attaches it to her blog it's just sit and wait time. 

Truly, this has made my day.  I hope it makes their day too....meaning the people who will be reviewing her application at High Voltage Software, the company where she applied.   I hope they realize what a privilege it is to be a part of her world; her hopes, her dreams and her indominable yet innocent spirit...even if it is only for the two minutes it will take them to read her wonderful little resume.

I hope they realize what I already know...she's over-qualified and way more expensive than they can afford.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take the Money and Run

Whatever happened to ABC's "Take the Money and Run"? Remember that show?  It was a reality based television show that aired in 2011 in which they would give people a briefcase filled with money (like real money... the good the tune of $100,000) and let them hide it.  If after 24 hours a team of professional interrogators couldn't find the money or get them to spill the beans, then the contestants would get to walk away with the cash.

It was an exciting show, but it didn't last for very many episodes.  I think their main problem was letting parents be the contestants.  These interrogators didn't stand a chance.  Parents are seasoned professionals when it comes to lying.  They're the BEST at it.  Think about it; Santa, the Easter Bunny, sex....we're talking generations of lies propagated so well that entire industries have survived on their existence. 

Sometimes on the show, in order to get someone to crack, the interrogators would use mind games and mental manipulation tactics.  The parents would just laugh at these attempts.  These are people who have gone up against two year olds and teenagers and have lived to tell! No amount of editing could hide the bewilderment on the faces of the investigators as tactic after tactic failed and the clock eventually ran out.  As for the contestants who were not parents?  They folded within hours.  But not ol' Ma and Pa.

In short, you can starve us, lock us up in solitary confinement, and deprive us of the essentials like sleep, sex and texting...but we are made of steal.  We've long since forgotten what it felt like to flinch. Not that we're necessarily super smart or's just that when you've been in survival mode for so long it has a way of hardening you.  Toddlers, teenagers, CIA investigators??? Bring it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Queen of Clean Meets Her Match

These pictures mean that I am happy, 
and that my office is a MESS!
(if you scrapbook or make your own cards, you know what I mean)

Emily and I have spent the past week making cards together and I have loved every minute!
But I think that I've finally made a mess that I can't clean up. 
Yup...I just don't know how to put away this much paper; at least not in any way remotely organized.  Who knew that paper, of all things, would be my demise.