Friday, April 24, 2009

First Chemo Session

Chemotherapy proved to be much more exciting than I had anticipated...six hours more exciting to be exact. The actual therapy itself usually consists of an hour in a chair with a needle in your vein. Done. But in my case, there arose some concerns over the results of my PET/CT scan, which needed to be resolved before we did anything.

Our worst fear, that the cancer had spread to my lungs, was the first words that popped out of my doctors mouth. Ten spots. Inoperable. However, the befuddling thing, to him and three other experts, was that none of those spots found on my PET scan showed up on my CT scan. In his words "an anomaly... they've never seen anything like it."

Long story short...all we can do right now is treat the breast cancer as planned.  Fortunately, the chemo regiment is the same for breast cancer and lung cancer so we've essentially got all the bases covered either way.  They will order another PET scan down the road to see if my lung spots are still there. I guess that's how you treat an anomaly. The good news...we all feel so at peace with it. My doctor, my Markie and I. The PET scan guy isn't so tickled, but we'll deal with him and his isotropes later.


  1. How far down the road? Yikes!

  2. I'm with Amy on that one...

    I'm glad you are flying. I wish I could lend you my mother-in-law for awhile, flying is part of her religion.

  3. i LOVE your attitude. you truly are an inspiration! - tracey