Saturday, May 26, 2012

Morning Rain

I hope I didn't wake you up today.  I ordered a thunder storm, with a side of heavy rain and it arrived a little early.  But 5:45 isn't such a bad time to get up when it's a Saturday, and everyone else is asleep. When everything inside the house is quiet and everything outside the house is loud.  It's especially not bad if you keep all the lights off and just go with whatever early morning illumination the rain let's through.  Sublime.  That is a good word for this moment.

Thunder and lightning are like a gripping paragraph in the middle of your novel that you weren't expecting.  That one paragraph that changes everything for the characters in the book and that does not allow you to put the book down or refrain from turning it's pages.  You are alarmed and yet seduced at the same time by the power and magnitude of everything that is out of your control.  And you want more, you definitely want more, primarily because from where you know you're safe.  Such is the gift of vicarious danger.  All of the adrenaline, and none of the consequences. Such is a Saturday morning thunderstorm, from the comfort of your living room window.


  1. Good morning. You must have the storms we had yesterday. I love reading your thoughts and updates.

    1. Thanks for sharing your storms. We really needed them. I hope they didn't scare your kiddos too much. My printer spontaneously turned on after one of the louder lightning strikes. cool, huh?

  2. Rosemary, You have a beautiful way with words. Shear talent! I give this post an A+.
    I also loved the mormon message video. I may have to use it on my blog too!

  3. i really like this! --Deanna