Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Move Over Bacon...

I am officially a working mom.  A nine-to-five, eat lunch at your desk, come home, make dinner and  stare blankly at your kids while they notify you of all that they still stand in need of that, by the way... only you can supply... working mom. They possess NO idea of how impossible it all sounds as it rolls effortlessly off of their little tongues.  They're so cute when they're clueless.  

The irony in all of this is really quite funny (not).  You see, my new job as an administrative assistant in this office requires so very little of me other than my presence.  In essence,  I get paid to be here and that's about it.  I answer a few phone calls but spend the rest of my time trying to find something, ANYTHING to do.  So ironic when you consider the hours of tasks waiting for me at the end of the day.

 So I have been reading Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddes.   Yup...a real page turner. I'm just bored enough and curious enough though, that I keep turning those pages. I'm learning all about Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click and I'm doing it because I really want to know if it's possible to get Rosemary Hawley Jarman to not be the Rosemary 'H' Jarman that pops up when I Google my name ( you've never tried it).  She's an author too.  I've never actually read any of her stuff but I think I would if I ever came across a copy. 

  In addition to my name twin, there's a blogger out there (not of the Rosemary persuasion) who has a blog name almost exactly like mine. 'My unintentional life' ...only with dashes between the words.  C' taken, move on!  Ever heard of a thesaurus?  Accidental, random, inadvertant, unexpected, extemporaneous.  These are all other words that she could have used to describe her life instead of 'unintentional', but hey... I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose. ; )

I should be easier on my blog buddy.  We have more in common than our title after all.  She too just recently moved back in with her parents.  We both walk the walk of shame each morning as we emerge from our basement lairs.  Except I do have her on this one thing:  at least I didn't bring cats with me when I moved back in.  That' something, right?

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