Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's Your Number?

On the first day of our family reunion, my little nephew was on his way into the living room, when he passed his uncle who had just walked through the front door.  They were both a little surprised to see each other and given the distance between their zip codes, it may have been the first time for both of them.   Little Isaac paused, looked way up at this stranger and asked "What's your name?"  "I'm Uncle John" came the reply.  "What's your number?" Isaac continued.   This is where everyone in earshot paused, trying to think of just what this little guy meant by his query.  Our musing diminished as Isaac added: "Mine is three." What's your number = how old are you; one of the most fundamental pieces of information to a three year old.

To an adult, that question could have meant any number of things; what's your phone number, what's your IQ, what is your Sleep Number, how much do you weigh, what size are your shoes (brassiere, pants, shirts), Social Security, license plate, driver license, PIN, password, cholesterol, etc. etc.  If not careful, you could actually need to have a HIPAA disclosure just to ask someone the question, "What's your number?"

Last week gave me a whole new set of numbers;  0500, 0508, 300 and 166.  These numbers rocked my world.  They definitely got my attention and most likely, have you somewhat perplexed.  And waiting on the edge of your seat.

I'll tell you about them later.

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