Friday, January 9, 2015

From a Fitting Room in Target

Part I

Only a few days remained before the big day; our first wedding!  Our oldest daughter would soon become a Mrs.  Exhausted from all the preparations and running around, I leaned against the outside of the dressing room door and waited while my youngest daughter, who was 14, tried on a new bra inside. 

"Mom, it's all me."

She unlocked the door and I stepped in.  What I saw was certainly twisted, but it wasn't the bra strap that had caught my attention. It was her back.  From the depths of my soul, a gasp began to rise up, but my guardian angel promptly clapped her hand over my mouth and stopped me from making a huge mistake.  You see, if your mom hasn't seen your nakedness for a few years and then the first time that she does see it she gasps, or even worse, cries...that's some bad body image juju for sure.

So I pushed back the tears and redirected my focus to the errant strap.

Two days later we were sitting in a doctor's office.  Diagnosis?  Scoliosis, 44 degree curve. Recommendation? Surgery.

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