Friday, January 9, 2015

When You're That Tired

"We're at the hardware store now.  We're buying a paint brush."  she says softly and reassuringly.

"Oh...ok."  I reply as I make a conscious effort to process this information correctly.

"Do I have pants on?"  I ask.

"Yes, you do."  She kindly replies.

"Ok...then let's do this."  I commit.

This is one of many conversations that I have had recently...with myself.  You see, when you are that tired, as in sleep deprived for 10 consecutive days kind of tired, things become a little foggy and were it not for mental self-examinations such as the one above, there is no telling what awkward situations you may find yourself in.  Like the time after the birth of my third child in which I found myself at a grocery store check-out stand, blouse completely unbuttoned down to the navel.  I had left the house, driven the car, crossed the parking lot, traipsed through the isles and stood in line...all with my blouse unbuttoned.  Fortunately, we lived in the city at the time and I'm sure that not only had they seen worse, but on a regular basis as well.

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