Monday, May 4, 2009

Ready or Not

Which was it? The first or the second? Maybe the third. I don't remember... but I know it was way up there on the list of initial reactions to my cancer diagnosis: I'm gonna be bald!

Like most everything else cancer-ish, you really don't dwell on it that long, if at all. Denial is readily accessible and easily applied. Why waste such a gift? Why not go shopping instead? It's easier to think "I'm going to the mall and I might have long red hair when I come out" than it is to think "Oh my gosh! I'm gonna look like Yoda!"

So...I have collected three hats, and two wigs (still waiting to find that long red one). And not a moment too soon. It started to fall out Sunday. I could let it fall for a few days before anyone would notice, but it's hard to do your hair in the morning when you have to stop three times to clean the little bear cub out of your brush. Part of me wants to shave it off tonight and get it over with....but I'm not sure I'm ready. (or that I ever will be...)

I do live in the windy city of Spanish Fork, just a stone's throw away from the wind farm. How cool would it be to just step outside and have the wind blow it all away? Catch that on film and I might get to be on T.V. again! No...I'd probably just get arrested for indecent exposure.

Anyway....just have to say.....I'm a vain woman...and this is gonna stink!


  1. You're NOT a vain woman. I don't know anyone who would be first in line for baldness. Mom said you got a cute hat at Disneyland. Hats are quite in, doncha know?

  2. That is so super crappy! I wish I was there to help you style your wig or do what shaving is necessary. (I have a little experience) One of my dear friends developed breast cancer at the age of 30, she has the most amazing curls ever.. she was brave and I was devastated when I shaved those golden locks off, I shed tears... but... they CAME BACK! and now I just trim those blondy curls. your beautiful hair will come back... I'll put it's name in the temple;)

  3. No, you're going to look amazing like Sigourney Weaver or Sinead O'Conner. You've got the features for it. Maybe Chanda can donate some curls your way if you really want to be red.

    P.S. If you need me to bald with you - my scalp is all yours.

  4. What an amazing, beautiful woman you are. Your family is blessed to have you smile upon them everyday. Hair or no hair, you are simply inspiring. I think you have gorgeous hair, but a more amazing spirit. Prayers, hope and good thoughts for you and your wonderful husband and children.