Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Aaah.....(that's "Aaah" like after a refreshing drink, not "Aaah" like screaming in horror). The past week has been a wonderful reprieve from illness! All the side effects of the chemo have left (well....with the exception of the hair loss). I can even drink water now without getting the heebie-geebies. I plan on FULLY enjoying this renewel of health until Monday when we'll start the whole "recover from chemo" process all over again. Scheduled misery... it just happens sometimes.

Spirits are generally up. I'm usually too busy to get discouraged. It's such a dark and heavy place to be anyway...why go there?


  1. hey, I'm getting my hair chopped next week. What do you say I send it to you and mama joan can sew it on to a "dew-rag" or a hat(she's magical like that, I think she could pull it off) It'll give you a red wigish thing. What say you? thinking of you, Chanda

  2. We are so glad that you are feeling better. I wish so much that you didn't have to be sick again in a few days but am soooo thankful to have these options to help you get better. We pray for you everynight and morning. We love you, Rose! Enjoy your few days of "aaah".

  3. I am glad that you are able to always look at the bright side of everything. You are strength for me and a wonderful example. Keep smiling even next week with the new treatments and know that you are in my prayers.