Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Temp

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth." ~Robert Southey

Hello.  I am your temporary friend.  I will come into your life and mingle and we will share a couple of laughs.  I'll stand by your side and we'll work together and perhaps somewhere along the way, I'll even let you know one of my secrets.  But it will probably only be part of one of my secrets; because I'd never tell you the whole thing.  Afterall, I'm only a temporary friend. 

My departure is imminent.  Sooner than you expected.  Earlier than usual.  'Imminent", "sooner", "earlier" followed by gone and possibly...even forgotten. After I leave, someone else will come water my tree, look out my windows, and soak in my tub. That's what happens when you move and we move A LOT.   

I could be described as an actor that shows up for a cameo role on an episode or two; but that analogy doesn't really work.  It implies that I have a full-time gig somewhere else and I don't think "empty moving box collector" counts.  No...I am more like a character actor; I get around but I really don't belong anywhere.

But ironically, even though my fractured zip code collection is driving me a little crazy, it has also  made me a lot of whole. Because of my association with so many different people, I have witnessed first hand how carefully God tutors each one of us - how we need it and when we need it - and although I've only been auditing your classes with the Creator, I've still learned a lot. You seem to be doing really well and I hope to be like some tiny, albeit significant way.

"Do not cry because it's over; smile because it happened."  Author Unknown

P.S.  What I meant to say, before my inner poet took over,  is that we're moving again.  After only nine months here, we are moving again.  Mark found a job elsewhere that he is really excited about.  It's been a great nine months for me...not so much for Mark. 


  1. And for a temporary friend, you make lasting effects.

    1. Ah...there we go! My heart, it is so happy now. Thanks Joseph.